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a wooden arbor in the middle of a garden
Tomatenhaus selber bauen: Bild 5
a garden with many plants growing in it
Welk latwerk is het beste latwerk? - Seed Savers Exchange Blog - Welcome to Blog
the site plan for an urban park, with trees and bushes on each side of the plot
Moestuinplan maken in Excel
a woman standing in front of a tall planter filled with green lettuce
Urban Gardening | Gardening Steps
Ein vertikaler Gemüsegarten zu Hause - Minigarden machts möglich. Check it out! #MmhDelicious #verticalfarmimg
a woman kneeling down next to a garden filled with lettuce and other plants
7 Common Mistakes in Raised Bed Gardening - The Beginner's Garden
Gardening in raised beds is a perfect option for beginning gardeners and seasoned gardeners alike. But to get the best harvest and the most rewarding gardening experience, avoid these seven common raised bed gardening mistakes.
a pair of black socks sitting on top of a pile of gravel next to a box
Cabbage Collars £6.45 From Mr Fothergills Seeds
Cabbage Collars equally effective for protecting all brassicas
the caterpillars are all over the plant
Managing Common Garden Pests: What Works, What Doesn’t - Grit
Managing Common Garden Pests: What Works, What Doesn’t -- A nationwide reader survey reveals the best methods for managing common garden pests...
a plant growing out of the ground with dirt around it and green leaves on top
Natural Garden Pest Control
Protect your cabbages, broccoli, brussels sprouts... These clever collars fit snugly around the stems of cabbages, cauliflowers, broccoli and brussels sprouts to prevent the cabbage root fly laying its eggs beside the roots of the plants. Collars expand as the stems grow. #pestcontrolequipment
carrots, potatoes and beets are all winter ready to be picked from the garden
How to Keep Carrots, Potatoes and Beets Fresh All Winter - One Hundred Dollars a Month
Michelle writes: How do you cure root crops like potatoes and carrots to last longer than a couple weeks? I’ll be tipping over 2 of my three potato towers to see how that turned out but now wondering how on earth I preserve potatoes for an extended time...
a small wooden box with wire on the sides and grass growing in it's bottom
10 Garden Crafts for Spring
10 Garden crafts that are perfect for spring from @CraftBits & CraftGossip - Vegetable Garden Basket Tutorial
a bee hotel with purple flowers and green plants in the backgrounge area
How to attract bees to your garden
How to attract bees into your garden - Telegraph
two crates filled with vegetables next to each other and the words how to store vegetables over the winter
How to Store Vegetables Over the Winter: Unique Storage Tips
How to Store Vegetables Over the Winter: Modern and Vintage Storage Tips - If you grow your own vegetables storing the stuff you don’t eat or sell is important not only for a survival perspective but it's a great way to save money and have homegrown vegetables out of season. #foodstorage #homestead
an old fridge has been converted into a rock cellar
Build Your Inexpensive Root Cellar Using an Old Refrigerator in 7 Effortless Steps
Preserve your produce without using electricity by converting an old refrigerator into a root cellar!