Hello guys, so this is the first year in quite a while that I decided to dress up for halloween. I chose to be a zombie, because why not? As I was making my shirt it reminded me more and more of th…

DIY Zombie Shirt

Special effects makeup by melissa Llorens

Just the pic - Special effects makeup by melissa Llorens. Make the saw blade from gray paper?


Idk about all this detail happening on a bout face, but damn, talk about intimidating the opposition!

Mijn favoriete grime/make-up ideeën voor de sabbat Samhain of in de volksmond Halloween vind je op www.moderneheks.be #halloween #grime #makeup #samhain #wicca

I love the way that this hand has been contoured to look dead and diseased, the coloring around the fingers and the finger tips are also a great idea as it matches perfectly to the rest of the hand. I would like to use this for my final zombie character