Netherlands postage stamp, designed by Dick Bruna. 1969

Netherlands Postage Stamp: Dick Bruna, violin c. 1969 designed by Dick Bruna “designs for children’s postage stamps based on the theme of child and music” —descriptive text found in my copy of Dick Bruna

#Miffy #Nijntje Art Parade @ Museumplein / Museum Square in #Amsterdam, 2015

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Nijntje Art Parade (Miffy) @ Museumplein / Museum Square in Amsterdam, Nederland 2015

Nijntje, Art Parade, Utrecht.

Nijntje is a symbolistic cartoon character that is important for kids as well a adults.

Love Nijntje (Miffy)!

Nijntje on the Big Screen

Nijntje (Miffy in English) gets her own feature film. The production started this week. It is the first feature film about the famous bunny from Dick Bruna, the producer Warner Bros.

I know Dick Bruna is not a book but he makes amazing books and i got to meet him, hear him talk about his work and best of all get him to sign my books at the Edinburgh book festival!!

Dick Bruna, creator of the Miffy books, talks about his life and work

Dick Bruna, creator of Miffy. Paragraph 6 of this article melted my heart!

Nijntje met haar "vader" Dick Bruna (Miffy)

Nijntje her farther " Dick Bruna (Miffy) well known writer of Nijntje

祖父江慎|MIFFY ART PARADE|ミッフィー展

祖父江慎|MIFFY ART PARADE|ミッフィー展