Maak van een draadstalen tuinhek een handige opberger.

DIY Grid Storage Rack for the home office

HK-living Kast grijs hout 103x35x155cm, Locker hout Wonen met lef

Kast grijs hout 103x35x155cm, Locker hout

HK-living Lockerkast 103 x 35 x 155 cm

Old Metal Lockers for our entry way to hide/store all the school and jackets junk!

Storage Solutions when you have an old house with no closets

Closet Solutions - Sew a Fine Seam


Relive the good old days with this poster set of 5 retro KLM advertisements.

We are doing this! Most definitely. DIY inspiration for a someday room: cover the walls in vintage maps, cut a sepia colored globe in half to make lamps, add a chrome or bronze rim, add a tufted leather couch and/or vintage desk. done.

Global Recycling: Old Globes Upcycled

I really like this idea for an office or a library. Convert an old globe into a pendant light! Seems easy enough. Buy a lamp kit at your local hardware store, take apart a globe and drill a larger hole for the light. Put remainder of light together.

Vintage Poster / Retro Poster KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Amsterdam - Batavia

Vintage Aviation Posters British and European Airlines Gallery 1

KLM ~ Transatlantic Service ~ Holland - America

Transatlantic service Holland-America KLM Royal Dutch Airlines The Flying Dutchman

Main Image

German poster for KLM Douglas Your Flying Hotel, Symbol des Fortschritts (symbol of progress),

Besttime LED Letter Light featuring polyvore, home, lighting, b, battery operated light, battery powered lights, battery light, battery lights and battery powered lamps

Long-lasting LED lights illuminate a vintage-inspired, marquee-style letter that can be hung or placed on a table to personalize your space.By Besttime;