Girl's room

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Little girls room inspiration from Scandi-style room must haves to create this look are the Miffy table lamp, Darling Clementine pear poster, Fine Little Day pink cushion, Lucky Boy Sunday doll, Jamie Kay throw and miniature Eames table and chairs

Pink quotes - Yes that is how I am basically inside, it makes me feel free

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Get up, dress up and live no matter what!

the boo and the boy: kids' rooms on instagram

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Sweet liitle girl's room Meisjeskamer | more-than-living

Sweet little girls bedroom design 👶🎀💤 Meisjeskamer 🎀

the boo and the boy: kids' rooms on instagram

spruce up a girls bedroom and guarantee theyll love the design even as they get older. Rose quartz are incorporated on the bedside table, bedspread, rug and wall accents, and the Serenity blue is used on the wall.

Cute idea for baby room or toddler room with favorite cuddle toy

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Put an old stuffed animal in a frame—What a fun way to preserve a childhood favorite! Site is in Portuguese, but it shows some cute ideas for shadow boxes and pictures using stuffed animals.

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Include a soft rug or carpeting where the textures and surfaces are comforting and good for curling up with a book or puzzle or simply playing on the floor. Consider adding some big throw pillows near the bookcase [if you have one].

the boo and the boy: kids' rooms on instagram

Small nursery for the cuddly toys

Modern bohemian boy's nursery by Hostess Haven and Jamie Street Photo | 100 Layer Cakelet

Modern bohemian boy’s nursery by Jamie Street Photo

I REALLY love this idea for so many uses ~ bringing nature inside AND hanging things so my cat can NOT get to them!! I AM going to have to try this one!!

Branch Swing Shelves

DIY branch swing shelves for stuffed animals, such a cute idea

Living With Kids: Courtney Adamo

Sweet dresses to decorate a girl's bedroom. Living With Kids: Courtney Adamo

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DIY, Room decor and some other ideas

Built-in kids daybed

Girl's room

The sweetest little girl room.

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Pastel cabinets suggested by Arsa Baby