Kids maxi skirt fashion

zuzii is a zinger

Zuzii handmade infant and toddler children's oxfords, sandals, shoes, and hair accessories. kids little girls fashion

Life is Beautiful

Future daughter will have a photo shoot where she is Pocahontas. Or I will just adopt some Native American child. really really cute little girl.

21 Kids Who Dress Better Than You via @WhoWhatWear

21 Kids Who Dress Better Than You

What Wear - EC: Future Coachella attendee. JB: I appreciate the color coordination between her flower crown and footwear. NK: Way to master the half-tuck. ​DN: Blue jean baby, L.

<3 the little girl looking at the dress.

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Little Fairy Princess

Little Fairy Princess - I can see Olivia doing this in about 2 years :-)