Rolf Nabalo
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Scuba dive in between two continents at the Silfra fissure.

Island of Molokini - natural star and crescent - between Maui and Kahoolawe, Hawaii.

Two of the viking stone ships (burial grounds) at Badelunda, near Västerås, Sweden.

Stockholm Library, Sweden

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Some legends say Boggarts are brownies that have gone bad, either because they are mischievous in nature or because they were wronged through some interaction with humans. Others tell that they are merely small dwarfish cousins of the brownies. Their origin is traced to Scotland where they are also known as Hobgoblins, the Bogey Man, Boogies, Padfoot, Boggans, Hobbers, Gobs and Blobs. The root of the name, 'bog' may indicate a relation to the ballybogs as well.

"There!" he said "now I am Balancing!, not standing", he stuck his tongue out, blew with all his mite, and then smiled. There he is to this day planted on one leg Balancing and smiling at the world, for he found his place, and the thing he was best at which no one could take from him. -Toby Froud

Since before I can remember I have loved Fairies. All kind of fairies, from Tinkerbell to ones that look like the above. I used to really believe in them, still kind of do :)