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matière _ dégradé

How to Ombre Dye Fabric: each time doubling the amount of dye you add and the amount of time you leave the fabric submerged. For more than three levels of ombre, you'll need to make more dye concentra (Things To Try Diy)

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Komasu Shibori / Photos of prep work; piece is ready for dyeing. It was divided into 4 sections and stitched on the folds. The tube looked like a caterpillar with sharp spikes. / / by Nat at Silkshibori.

shibori paso a paso

How to Shibori Tie-Dye Fabric. As early as the sixth century – hundreds of years before the hippie movement of the – tie dying was being practiced in India, Japan and Africa. There were and still are various methods of tie dying, but … Continue reading →