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a black and white photo of a man playing the bass
Blues & Jazz / Black & White (II)
Ron Carter As a Bass player myself, How can you not love Mr. Carter!
a girl in a dress playing violin in the middle of a forest with tall trees
a man playing violin next to a woman in a black dress and leather jacket holding a violin
a young boy is playing the violin in black and white with his eyes wide open
a man is playing the violin in front of a black background with his eyes closed
a man with black hair playing the violin
a woman with long hair holding a violin up to her head while sitting on the ground
a man in a tuxedo plays the violin on stage at an empty auditorium
a woman holding a violin in front of her face
Ewa Górzyńska by Worthy de Jong / 500px
Ewa Górzyńska - Polish Violinist
a woman holding a violin in her right hand
Helen violin portrait
Helen violin portrait by march1723, via Flickr
a woman with black hair is holding an object in her hand