Wool Rugs

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#Woolrugs' popularity is unrivalled by any other type of rug, mainly due to their durability and reputation as the natural alternative. Here is a taster of our large selection of pure wool and wool mix #rugs http://www.therugswarehouse.co.uk/wool-rugs.html

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Lagos Geo Grey Rug - texture video

Africa Design Lagos Geo Grey Luxury Rug


Bodega Stone Rug - texture video

Harlequin Bodega Stone Abstract Designer Wool Rug


Linear Glow Cumin Rug - texture video

Calvin Klein Linear Glow Cumin Designer Wool Rug


Albany Ogee Charcoal Rug - texture video

Handmade Albany Ogee Charcoal Wool Geometric Rug

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Imperial Light Mix Rug - texture video

Luxury New Zealand Wool Imperial Ivory Latte Mix Shaggy Rug

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Rosario Red Rug - texture video

Hand-Knotted Rosario Red Luxury Wool Rug

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Saaba Rug - choose your shade

Africa Wool Saaba Blue Pebbles Luxury Rug

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Mesh Cream Rug by Ligne Pure

Hanoi Mesh Cream Patchwork Modern Border Rug

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Serabad Black Green Rug

100% Wool Kashqai Serabad Black Green Luxury Traditional Rug

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Texture comparisons video - New York, Chicago, Wellington

Hand-woven New York Blue Luxury Rug

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Chicago Terra, Denver Light Grey and Chicago Rust

100% New Zealand Wool Chicago Terracotta Luxury Plain Rug