Meer ideeën van Rupert

beautiful unobvious memorial tattoos....sound waves of a mother's last voicemail to her son

Sound wave of my best friends voice saying "You are my best friend, my sister and you will always be apart of me"

My son recorded me saying "I love you" with sound waves. He suprised me with this tattooed on his chest.

Vivo Sound Wave Temporary Tattoo

Helaas zijn er weinig huizen die deze leuke nisjes van zichzelf hebben. Gelukkig zijn er altijd manieren om ze zelf te laten maken.

Gobble Gobble, it's Pick n Mix timefrom Fancy NZ Design Blog

Love the dark blue wall!

A modern eclectic bedroom.

Bedroom: Blue walls, grey bedspread, black spherical light fitting

A modern eclectic bedroom.