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ladybug Marienkäfer Art Print - Floating on a pond on a hot summer day - beauty

Bee Eater / Bee-eaters are gregarious. They form colonies by nesting in burrows tunnelled into the side of sandy banks, such as those that have collapsed on the edges of rivers~~

Hummingbird |

Beautiful Hummingbird - The colors God puts together without consulting a color chart. It works!

Reggianovsksya ave del paraíso (Paradisaea raggiana)

Birds of Paradise The Raggiana Bird-of-paradise, also known as Count Raggi's Bird-of-paradise, is distributed widely in southern and northeastern New Guinea, where its name is Kumul. The Raggiana Bird-of-paradise is the national bird of Papua New Guinea.

Aves Exóticas #animals #exotic #birds #tucano

Toucan in Costa Rica. Tropical jungle, zip lining, fantastic wildlife, beautiful beaches. Costa Rica is an adventure lovers paradise. Kinda reminds me of the fruit loops bird

Rød kardinal

Portrait of a male Northern Cardinal. We have a make and female cardinal nesting with 5 eggs in our yard! I Cardinals!

Funny animals of the week - 1 December adorable animals, animal image, best funny animal pictures

Hello, how are you? ladybugs

en wees de golf in plaats van er op te surfen

2 lady birds (lady bugs) meet up.or it could be one ladybird and one man bird(or bug!whatever, they're meeting each other and it's a beautiful experience and a beautiful photo:))

Er leven van alle soorten organismes in de wereld, ze leven allemaal in vrede met elkaar hoe ze er ook uitzien.

Chameleon ~ live in in tropical forest biomes. Males are more than the females. Coloration varies with location, and the different color patterns of Panther Chameleons are commonly referred to as ' which are named after the in which they are found.

camouflaged owl / barred owl peek-a-boo / Fine Art America by Jennie Marie Schell