Wedding pictures gone way wrong!!!

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This is awesome! I wanna do this for my wedding pictures. (if we ever get married!) and only because it's funny!...perverts!

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"My husband and his groomsmen :)" - Tiffany Barnett Kinsey from Funny Wedding Photos

"My husband and his groomsmen :)" - Tiffany Barnett Kinsey from Funny Wedding Photos This has to be the most disgusting wedding pic I have seen.

Country wedding dress! Amazing :)))) love it not too much camo but enough :)

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Daddy Sure Looks Happy! ...More funny wedding pics! WTF!!!

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Oh wow! So many things wrong with this! Someone seriously thought this was how she wanted to represent herself on her wedding day? And she has friends or family judging by the feet in the photo. Nobody thought this was a bad idea?

Is it a stretch to assume they are most likely no longer married? What do I know anyway.

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look how "artsy" and "intellectual" I am...cant you see the metaphor of my virginal dress in a dirty room in a grimy bathtub; purity is just a social construct and blah blah blah

A macabre photo shoot for the bride who got murdered in the bathtub shortly before her wedding

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