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an old olive tree with very large roots
ZEYTİN Hükümet tarafından 17 Mayıs 2017 tarihinde TBMM Başkanlığı’na gönderilen “Sanayinin Geliştirilmesi ve Üretimin Desteklenmesi Amacıyla Bazı Kanun ve Kanun Hükmünde Kararnamelerde Değişiklik Yapılmasına Dair Kanun Tasarısı”, yeni bir torba yasadır ve içinde birçok farklı konu bulunmaktadır. 76 maddelik bu torba yasanın 2, 3 ve 4. maddeleri zeytincilikle ilgilidir. AKP, iktidara geldiğinden beri, tam on beş yıldır zeytinliklere saldırmaktadır. 26 Ocak 1939 tarihinde kabul edilen 3573 sayılı
a row of rocks sitting in the middle of a dirt field next to some trees
The best.
green, green, green!: The best.
an old, twisted tree in the woods
Curved tree, from Iryna
a large yellow tree in front of a store
Beautiful Ipe Tree
an animal that is standing in the dirt near a tree with its head stuck in it's branches
Namibya'daki Namib Çölü'nde yuvaları bunlar dünyadaki en büyük kuş yuvasıdır.
a group of people standing around a large tree
the oldest pepper tree in California, growing at the San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside
an old tree is covered in mossy branches and has no leaves on the branches
a large cactus tree in the middle of a garden
people are standing on the top of a tree in a park with many different types of trees
François J. Interiors
a person standing in front of a tree with its roots hanging over it's head
A tree in Ceiba de Penuelas, Puerto Rico Permiteme conocer y palpar tus ramas. Trepada
a large tree with many branches and green leaves
old tree! Ficus tree in Spain
a large green tree sitting in the middle of a park
the words good afternoon are written in front of a large tree with many small trees
a red bench under a very large tree in a park with lots of green plants
Dragon tree - Faial island (Azores, Portugal)
there are many trees that have been decorated with different colors and designs on them in the woods
Siberian spirit trees
two trees with roots in the middle of a forest
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Looks Like Art
white flowers are blooming on a tree branch
Mexican Flowering Dogwood.
an old tree that is in the woods
Outside The Lines
a large tree with many holes in it's trunk and some trees around it
odd tree formation
an old tree with its mouth open in the middle of a grassy area surrounded by trees
If You Were Expecting - Surprise
Love it..
a tree that has been carved to look like a face with the words resting on it
Natural face in a tree
Strange Trees #tree spirits Earth, Wald, Amphitheater
Strange Trees - Design Swan
Strange Trees #tree spirits
an old tree trunk with some very interesting patterns on it
Pictures of the day: 19 July 2010
Really cool "Tree-face" picture. No photo credit available, Source
an old photo of a tree that looks like it has been carved into the trunk
Free Photo: Nick of the Woods, Face in a Tree
trees with faces | ... Photo: Nick of the Woods, Face in a Tree - Historical Stock
a tree that has some kind of face in it's trunk and is growing out of the bark
Tree Face
a mushroom growing on the side of a tree
Unusual Tree! <3
a tree with its mouth open in the woods
tree with face----woodchuck???
a tree that is behind a chain link fence with its face on it's side
Hungry Tree Funny Picture
an old tree that is very large and has some branches growing out of it's bark
Tree Ent
Tree Ent by allan.bettridge, via Flickr
a close up of a tree with faces on it
enchanted tree