DS House, Sao Paulo, 2015 - Studio Arthur Casas

This project is a large renovation of a house designed in the eighties by Italian-Brazilian architect Ugo di Pace. The client, whose grown-up children left the family home, aimed for functionality and further integration between spaces now inhabited.

Powerful Modern simply by Wilmington Gordon…

This dynamic modern home by Wilmington Gordon may just be my new favorite house. I love the rounded sections and the cutouts for the trees.

Mid Century Masterpiece design house

HE MITCHELL RESIDENCE was designed in 1956 by one of Philadelphia’s century architects to achieve world recognition. Ehrman B. Mitchell partner of Mitchell/Giurgola, designed and built this home as his personal residence.

Courtyard House - figr

Courtyard House - figr exterior elevation inspiration for house extension. treatment of ceiling panels for house extension

Modern Home by DIJ Group

The Museum Modern Home by DIJ Group in Beverly Hills, LA is an extraordinary luxury residence set upon sq ft lot.

106 Gladstone Road by Cat Ablitt, Studio 1 Architects

>> slats of of white-washed ash line the walls and wrap up over the ceiling 106 Gladstone Road by Cat Ablitt, Studio 1 Architects