New Wave Goddess Toyah Wilcox. Substance and Style.

100 Definitive Hairstyles

Maybe this is where my love for wigs comes from: Toyah Willcox in the eighties.

Love this image of Toyah Willcox hair & makeup!

Toyah Willcox June 1985 'Soul Passing Through Soul'

Music People, 80 S, Hair Cut, Style Icons, Chameleons, Wig, Childhood Memories, Youth, Neon

Toyah Willcox From the Toyah Willcox August 1981 'Stern' Magazine Germany session.

Toyah Wilcox 10x8 Photo

Mood, Concept, Wig, Window, Google Search, Colour, Fancy Dress, Searching, 1980s

Toyah Willcox October 1981 'Thunder In The Mountains' John Swannell session

Toyah Willcox Late 1983 Photo used in 'Vogue' article in 1984 Photoshopping by me



Chameleon, Good Morning, Neon, Goodies, Punk, November, Universe, Treats, November Born

Torah Willcox September/October 1983 Love Is The Law

80s Rock, Chameleons, Wig, Hair Toupee, Chameleon

Wave, Dean, Goodies, Photoshoot, Punk, Treats, Gummi Candy, Photography, Punk Rock