25 Best Industrial Kitchen Ideas To Get Inspired


Whether you have a bathtub or not, walk-in showers are a great idea because they fit right in with your décor and help other elements around the bathroom stand out.

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Ikea Kitchens with wooden doors from Koak Design. If We go all neutral, Ikea may be one of the most cost effective options

1/2: Is it exp to have cab/drawer faces to just be slabs of wood like this? add to ikea or your best sourced cabs? how does that work. or in the other concrete kitchens, what are their doors that look like concrete? 2/2 Pantry: can the pantry cupboard be an independent piece from cabs - sim to this? also like the mounted off the floor.

This is my favorite Kitchen of all times. I oils live to have this kitchen in my house. Comes to the concrete floor in combination with the concrete kitchen. (Gaat om de betonnen vloer in combinatie met het betonnen keukenblok.

I love everything about this apron sink! The color the depth and the width! Fits perfectly in every way. Dark cabs and soapstone.

Theories are plentiful regarding why the minivan never ever gets the regard it deserves in spite.


20 Awesome Concrete Bathroom Designs

Lindo banheiro cinza, com concreto e alumínio/ recycled aluminum cast vessel sink set atop rough sawn lumber provides a good balance with the gray concrete in the rest of this bathroom. These sinks and reclaimed slabs of wood are available from Eco-Frien

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Oud eiken keuken met blauwstalen handgrepen#restylexl #eiken #keukens #keuken #oudhout #hout #houten

Create your very own exclusive Made a Mano kitchen with a bespoke table top made from lava stone. Private clients and architects have long loved our table tops manufactured in lava stone; the most dur

Create an exclusive, bespoke Made a Mano kitchen with a unique tabletop made from lava stone. Private clients and architects around the world have long loved our lava stone tabletops, made from the mo