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1915 Indian We have nearly completed our first Custom Electric Indian Canyon Flyer, and it promises to be as spectacular as the original Indian motorcycle. The Indian Canyon Flyer takes its frame from

Voltage This line of bikes has married the best of Marty Schlesinger's Voltage Cycle and the Sportsman Flyer, which hearken back to the "Golden Age" of cycling. Board Track Racer We have taken a page

Our first Custom Electric Indian Canyon Flyer is now ready for order. The Indian Canyon Flyer is a true Gentleman& Bike for the discriminating rider.

Nice little motorcycle / bike

Board Track Racer I saw one of these at the museum of air and space, but it was modified to be able to launch into the air like an airplane. Honestly one of the coolest motorcycles I have ever seen.

Genoeg kopers te vinden voor deze schitterende Indian motor! Alleen zal de eigenaar er niet eens aan denken om deze motor te verkopen...

1923 Indian Scout -Pinned it once, but deleted it when I finally figured out that it was a toy! But, the more I studied it, the more I realized that it needs to be on my Indian m/c board, just superb!