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работы Leo Louppe – 02

работы Leo Louppe – 02

Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer by Gustav Klimt

Bildnis der Friederike Maria Beer 1916 Portrait of Friederike Maria Beer Measures: 168 x 130 cm Technique: Oil on canvas Depository: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Mizne-Blumental Collection

(19) Одноклассники

Painting by John Lloyd Strevens - Jessicas Unique Gift Shop

Клод Моне в Живерни, 1889.

Photo by Theodore Robinson, Portrait of Monet. Whoa, who knew Monet was such a hipster? On another note, I was the only one at trivia who thought the fact this portrait was set in a garden was a dead giveaway that it was obviously Claude Monet.