Handmade Kids’ Giraffe Lamps- Petit & Small

Handmade Kids’ Giraffe Lamps

***UPDATED DESIGN (STRONG COATING FOR EXTRA PROTECTION) + EASY WALL SLOT + 3 WALLMATE SKREWS*** We know you will love our new design, we will offer

💜Wall hooks for kids, Mountain Wall Hooks, Mountain Peak Clothes Hanger, Mountain…

Tipi / wigwam (inclusief stokken) l Leuke samenwerking met @teleukhout check blog: www.aggyslifestyle.blogspot.com

Spotted this gorgeous image the other day - I love that Tipi (Felix has a similar one) and of course the Cross blanket is a beautiful addition (that's the large one. Pia Wallens Cross blankets a

Leather Heart Bookmark

Leather Heart Bookmark

Leather Heart Bookmark – Charming Handmade Book Page Corner Bookmark - Shop All - Whimsical & Unique Gift Ideas for the Coolest Gift Givers


DIY Heart Eggs using cookie cutters - this gives me an idea for egg in a nest, egg in a basket or egg in the hole (it all depends on what you were raised with)Valentines Day!

'Wie is het?' spelen met foto's van je familie, vrienden of beroemdheden! Leuk om zelf te maken!

Quién es quién casero (La Factoría Plástica)

DIY Guess Who game! We did this in college with the original game boards by making our own cards. This includes diy game board instructions too!

Binnenkijken bij wendy8 - Kaartenrek Madame Stolz, kaarten VanMariel

Accessoires - Binnenkijken bij wendy8

Do something like this with wire/metal green display rack for movies/games-side ways or straight