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an old photo with the names of different places on it, including numbers and dates
verjaardagen in maanden, weken, dagen, uren, minuten en seconden
the words make it pop like pink champagne written in cursive ink on white paper
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Motivational quotes (The Good Vibe)
a quote from abi voice about alles wat je andach geef, groet, dus alse
a hand reaching up into the sky with an all we have is now quote
15 Inspirational Quotes to Live By
a quote that says i opened two gifts this morning they were my eyes be grateful for everything
Hustling 4 Happiness - The Ultimate Personal Development Blog To Help You Level Up
a quote from martin gliemuter on the sunset
a woman with her hands on her hips wearing large hoop earrings and an inspirational quote
a piece of paper with the words things that make me happy written in black and yellow
20 Gorgeous Bullet Journal Spreads