I love the look of Large artwork standing up against a wall. It’s one of my favorite things to do for large art and it anchors a design very nicely.

Stoere handgreepjes van leer. Leuk om eenvoudig je deur op ladenkast mee te pimpen! #lederen #lederenhandgreepjes #leren #echtvanhout

Surreal pieces of Art by Antonio Mora, a Spain-based artist who spent several years working as an art director in the industry. Mora — now a full-time artist — describes himself as someone who creates.

Caitlin McGauley Wallpaper Collection


This is a hoarding of visual inspiration and reference points found and presented in no particular order. Content is wide ranging and links to original sources have been provided wherever possible.

Drawing by Carmel Jenkin Spiritdance, charcoal and acrylic on paper, x Such a wonderful feeling when the spirit is free and releas in Illustration & Painting