The American Trade Hotel stands at the ecological and cultural crossroads of the Americas, deeply connected to both the Old Quarter and the new Panama City.

Welcome to Panama's American Trade Hotel

The American Trade hotel. Greenery, floor (elements of the colonial style but needs to be more modernised)

Anna Bond's Black-and-White Florida Home

Botanic planten industrieel interieur industrial interior

Feast of Merit — Richmond, Melbourne. kind-hearted restaurant celebrates the Indian people who party till there's nothing left. 2 minutes walk from our apartment The Richmond Club

Bron: vtwonen 13-2015 | Fotografie Jeltje Fotografie | Tekst Els Meyer

gravity-gravity: Photography by Jeltje. - gravity-gravity: “ Photography by Jeltje Fotografie via VT Wonen ”

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binnenkijken bij marjoleinbouhuijzen