Corset Choker (Lace) design (UTZ1536) from

Dress up in dramatic style with this freestanding lace choker design! Stitch out both lace pieces on heavy duty water-soluble stabilizer, rinse to leave just the lace, and then assemble into a necklace. Size listed is for one lace piece.

Creature Feature - Unicorn 3 design (UT10282) from

Stitch these playful creatures just once, or overlap & repeat as borders! Design Pack includes individual separations too.

Huggable Bears design (UT9804) from

"Huggable Bears" These two huggable, lovable bears are begging to adorn your shirts, pillows and more!

Military Buttonhole design (UT9092) from

Embroider this design, carefully cut down the middle of the buttonhole, and button up jackets and more! For a button.

Winosaurus Rex design (UT12889) from

Winosaurus rex This T-rex has a thirst for fine wines with a hard-to-find vintage! Stitch this curious character onto wine towels, bottle bags, and more.

Classic Christmas Border design (UT12508) from

Troll the ancient yuletide carol with this classic Christmas border, stunning in metallic thread on skirt hems, table runners, and more!

Whirling World design (UT10398) from

FREEBIE: Swirls of land and ocean create a perfect little Earth! Stitch this cute dimensional design on bags, apparel, and more.