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the hygge pocket shawl crochet shawl easy free pattern
Oversize Crochet Hygge Pocket Shawl - Free Pattern
Wrap yourself in comfort with this super soft oversize crochet pocket shawl, a quick and easy project that will take you through any season! Embrace the concept of hygge and surround yourself with warmth and coziness.
a bed topped with pillows covered in pink flowers and greenery next to a white wall
Florals - Floral & Wedding | Hobby Lobby
Create a whimsical wall hanging with faux florals for spring! 1) Cut twine to desired length, & cut flowers leaving 1” stem. We used freesia & ranunculus sprays. 2) Tie twine along birch log leaving 3-4” distance between each. 3) Hang birch log on wall. 4) Tie flowers onto twine, keeping 4-6” between flowers. TIP: Mix different sizes & textures & add greenery in between flowers. 5) Hang lamb’s ear along birch log & add leaves for volume. 6) Drape string lights throughout.
the table is set up for a baby's first birthday party with chalkboard
My Sister in Law's Baby Boy Shower
Baby Shower Idea - chalk board sign and station for guests to address their own thank you cards
a table topped with cakes and cupcakes next to a sign that says love
DIY Hula Hoop Love Sign
Love this simple Floral Decoration! DIY Hula Hoop Love Sign, DIY-bridal-shower-decor, bridal shower decorations DIY, hula hoop transformation
the dessert table is set up with flowers and cookies on it, along with an array of sweets
24 Sweet Baby Shower Decoration Ideas
Super-Creative Baby Shower Ideas
a white balloon with flowers and greenery hanging from it's side in front of a door
Great for a Baby shower or bridal shower - giant balloon with eucalyptus leaf and ranunculus garland to the floor
a chalkboard sign that says welcome to carine's baby shower
Boho Baby Shower 2 – More Ideas Added!
Boho baby shower, girl baby shower, baby shower ideas, outdoor baby shower, boho party
Baby Boy Shower, Baby Sprinkle, Boho Baby
a table topped with a book, camera and vase filled with flowers next to other items
Baby shower guest book - take a Polaroid and write a message for the parents to be
three pregnant women standing next to each other in front of a wall with flowers on it
Pink P.S. I Love You Baby Shower - Inspired By This
We're feeling rosy thanks to this floral filled, bohemian, and beautiful P.S. I Love You baby shower on our baby blog today! Thrown by her co-owner of 901 Salon, Nikki Lee was showered with a flower crown, mocktails, a teepee full of gifts, and celeb guests.
a white table topped with a small teepee tent filled with flowers and candles next to a sign that says water one
Teepee table toppers, Boho/native american/tribal/indian baby shower decorations.