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The Peace Sign, Colorful Peace Signs and Animated Clip Art – Woodstock Story

Janis Joplin

Round: Janis Joplin for the ladies, John Lennon for the guys. The Swingin’ Sixties truly secured the round shape of eyewear on the style map.


Woodstock 69 -- Epic Rights along with Perryscope Represents Woodstock for Branding and Licensing

Make love, not war.

Make Love Not War Different colors than one posted much earlier on this board

Pink Floyd

Sunshine Joy Pink Floyd The Dark Side Of The Moon Tapestry Lyrics Blue Inches - joy storage spreadsheet


Ken Kesey Biography Wikipedia NY Times Obituary Interview Cuckoo's Nest Wikipedia Movie (IMDB) The The Merry Pranksters The Counterculture Movement The The Beat Culture.