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These Minions are so cute. I haven't had a Twinkie since childhood and would never eat one again, but maybe there is a healthier recipe out there for something similar from scratch. Still think this is a fun idea.


Spread frosting on Ice-Cream Cone Cakes to complete the look of this treat. This recipe goes with Ice-Cream Cone Cakes


Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cone by Bakers Royale. Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cone ~ Dressing up fruit salad, a picnic side dish standard, with some crafty fun in an ice cream cone.


all things simple: butterfly die cut or cut out and lollipop– party hearty: a valentine's craft

Traktatie slippers

Flip Flop Cookies So cute! Turn some Nutter Butter cookies into cute flip flops for your summer snacking. The post will also show you how to turn the cookies into ballet slippers and soccer cleats as well. All fun snacks and great treats for a party.


Bekijk de foto van JolandaKemperman met als titel Angrybirds traktatie, nu…

Discopoffertjes / traktatie (AH)


Another small house loft idea. The cat would love hanging out upstairs.