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Samantha Houtveen

Samantha Houtveen
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"A thousand moments that I had just taken for granted - mostly because I had assumed that there would be a thousand more."

You never expect anyone to pass away and truthfully you really can't live your life where you spend every moment you are with someone as if they could die tomorrow. You're a human being and that's just not realistic. It makes for a great thought though.

I cried all the way to the end of the episode after the episode where she died.... RIP Beth...

But i didn& even see beth dying. It totally took me by surprise and cried for almost 3 days straight. even at work I would just start sobbing over her! (Everyone thought I was crazy): Going, Byebeth, The Walking Dead, Knew, Thewalkingd


Carl acted like a rotten teenager, then a bit of grimes came out killin those walkers just like rick, then realized he's still a scared kid.

"Look At The Flowers!"

TWD “Cherokee" Daryl brings back a flower to Carol as a sign of hope after he finds signs that Sophia may have been in a house near W McIntosh Rd Griffin, GA 30223