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someone is celebrating the rest of my year to deepening my relationship with god
Real year of rest & relaxation 🥳
a car driving down a road with the words gods creations are so beautiful
that includes YOU & i ‼️
a woman sleeping in bed with the words how i sleep known my life is in the hands of the one true living god
a man sitting on the side of a road next to a van with words sin is the problem, jesus is the solution
an old ladder with apples in it and the words god sees the value in you, even if others around you don't
God loves you 🫶
people are standing in front of the ocean with their hands up and one person is saying god
He will handle our struggles better than we ever could
the quote she chose to focus on god and not on her circumstances
a humpback whale swimming in the ocean
Mesmerising moment majestic humpbacks show off their acrobatic moves
a poster with the words connect to god and a cross above it on a gray background
In Jesus name 🙏🏾
a quote that reads if you want true peace, seek god first then he will give you his peace
Women of Faith