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a woman standing in front of a room filled with lots of lights and decorations on the ceiling
Efteling wallpaper: Symbolica
an image of a castle in the sky with other buildings around it at night time
a red and white mushroom sitting in the middle of a forest
Efteling Sprookjesbos: Paddenstoelen
a mickey mouse statue standing in front of some snow covered trees and evergreens with one hand up
Pardoes in het winter Efteling uniform
Winter Efteling 2023/2024
a person dressed as a mouse holding an umbrella in front of some snow covered trees
Prinses Pardijn in winteruniform
a statue in the middle of a snowy forest
Winter Efteling - Langnek
a snow covered road with traffic lights and buildings in the background on a snowy day
Efteling winterse wallpaper - Entree
an image of a large tent set up in the middle of a street at sunset
Efteling wallpaper - Entree
Welk gevoel krijg jij als je dit ziet? Dit betoverende gevoel krijg je vanaf nu ook bij het kijken op je telefoon. Gebruik deze Efteling wallpaper en maak de achtergrond van je telefoon sprookjesachtig mooi! ✨| How do you feel when you see this? From now on you will also get this enchanting feeling when looking on your phone. Use this Efteling wallpaper and make the background of your phone fairytale-like! ✨ #efteling #wallpaper #achtergrond #telefoon #telefoonachtergrond
an amusement park ride at dusk with clouds in the sky
Efteling- De Vliegende Hollander ✨
the entrance to an outdoor restaurant with a thatched roof and tall wooden poles on it's sides
Efteling ❤️❤️❤️
a pond surrounded by trees and flowers in the middle of an area that looks like a forest
a large building with many lights on it
De Efteling Kaatsheuvel