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Arm And Shoulder Workout For Mass At Fitnesscorner41
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Try this shoulder workout 💪🏻.
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Shoulder workout 💪🏻.
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Shoulder exercises library! Here is a video showing the various shoulder exercises that you can add to your routine. 1️⃣ Rear delt cable rows 2️⃣ Cable shoulder press 3️⃣ Facepulls 4️⃣ Rope upright rows 5️⃣ Single arm front raises 6️⃣ Rear delt flys 7️⃣ Cable Y raises 8️⃣ Cable front raises 9️⃣ Cable lateral raises —— ❗️SAVE THIS LIBRARY FOR FUTURE REFERENCE❗️ —— . . . . #gymtips #shoulderworkout #shoulders #shoulderday #shouldersworkout #fitness #workout #exercise #gym
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Alex Lueth on Instagram: "Reverse fly The reverse fly / pec dec machine is a great exercise to target the posterior deltoid (back of the shoulder). Here are some tips to performing the exercise: Hand position - set-up at or slightly above shoulder height. Not too high, not too low (determined by the position of the seat and body). - starting slightly high and ending subtly low can help reduce upper trap activation. - throwing your hands back as far as possible (indicated by the red line top left) can cause the rhomboids and traps takes over the movement. - stabilize the shoulder blades. Don’t go too far back. Allow some movement but nothing drastic. This will dictate your range of motion (top right). - control the movement on the way back and in. Don’t just throw your hands and arms bac
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Shoulder Supersets For Better Shoulder Workouts
Elevate your shoulder gains with our intense shoulder superset workout! 💪 Blast through plateaus and sculpt your upper body like never before. Ready to crush your fitness goals? Click now for the ultimate shoulder pump! #ShoulderSuperset #ShoulderWorkouts #shoulderExericses #Fitness