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Buckminster Fuller's "Triton City"

`In the early I was commissioned by a Japanese patron to design one of my tetrahedronal floating cities for Tokyo Bay. Three-quarters of our planet Earth is covered with water, most of which may float organic cities. Floating cities pay no rent to l…

Green Homes of the Future: 13 Sustainable Living Solutions

Living on Waterworld: Floating & Future-Ready Eco-Home

Thiel will be investing 1.23 Million for the developing of revolutionary micro-countries built on oil rig-like platforms, which will be movable, diesel-powered and will each have around 12 000 tons, housing up to 270 people.  Full settlement on the first island is predicted in 2019.

Andras Gyorfi’s “The Swimming City” was the winner of the first design contest held by The Seasteading Institute, an organization that aims to crea