This is an example of an Advertising Parody- they incorporate the "big mac" as one of McDonalds prodcuts, while the shape of the burger is in the shape of Apple's logo. hence the word "mac".


Roast Beef Sandwich: Grilled Hanger Steak & Applewood Smoked Shoulder Bacon Sandwich With Frisee & Red Onion Jam From: Lincoln Barbour, please visit


Restricting calories is one way to lose weight. If you are looking for meal ideas that are low in calories, there are many delicious options for you.


The "pollo a la brasa", also known as "Peruvian chicken" in the United States, and "Charcoal Chicken" in Australia, is a common dish of pe.


Mexican Burgers with homemade salsa and guacamole.(funny I'm eating my homemade guacamole now)


Wedding season is approaching and most important thing in any festival is the food tasty. That's why people are hiring caterers wedding in a.


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