Hanging planters just make sure they are tight enough!

Make These Macrame Hanging Planters in 30 Minutes!

Craft Project Ideas: Make These Macrame Hanging Planters in 30 Minutes! Really want excellent ideas concerning arts and crafts? Go to my amazing info!

Pokemon Christmas Ornaments! Squirtle :) I'm so going to make these

Pokemon Christmas Ornaments!

Pokemon Christmas bauble set Hama perler beads by Zo Zo Tings

Pokemon Set 1 Christmas Pixel Baubles

Pokemon come in many shape and sizes here are just a few of them and a Poke Ball to catch them in.● Made from Perler/Hama Beads and part of our 'pixel rang

Pokemon Christmas ornaments perler beads by PerlerPixie on deviantART

As promised, here are some more Pokemon ornaments! Here are Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, & Bulbasaur.

Embroidered map

embroider your city (this map project is amazing) [The Urban Fabric / El Tejido Urbano project] // Check out the pictures of it all over the world!