Wonderful idea for an office with a very short commute - out of the way so you won't be endlessly interrupted (and won't be able to see all the "to dos" around the house), but still working at home...

Extra Room Outdoors

Alton-Garden-Buildings-the-best-garden-offices-and-out-buildings.jpg pixels convert cubby house to teen retreat

LOVE townhouses! I see myself living in one like this one. One day...maybe.

What's New In Garage Door Designs and Materials

Avante Collection glass You may be pleasantly surprised to find this modern look isn't exclusive to modern digs. It can be a unique focal point on a traditional home as seen on this three story row house. Installation by Garage Door Service

♡ This would be a nice addition to be used as a garden tool keeper.

Like this idea. Recess brickwork means glazing can slide right across. www.methodstudio.london

Recess brickwork means glazing can slide right across.london Could add a centre piece of brick and flint behind the glass as a feature?