Art nouveau

Start-up spaces for creative companies - bespoke shop fronts to reflect nature of craftsmanship taking place in spaces - example, Art nouveau Entrance to the Farmacia. Stained Glass and Iron.

Dutch traditional costume.... I spent my pre-teen years in Holland and I can't wait to go back :)

Dutch Girls in Regional Traditional Costume, Marken and Volendam, The Netherlands

This wonderful lamp post is located at the St. Agathaplein in Delft, The delft blue pattern is hand painted.

This lamp post, located at the St. Agathaplein in Delft, Holland, has been hand painted with the Delft blue china pattern.

Dutch cheese

The Dutch, famous for their Gouda. The dutch cheeses are exported worldwide, which served the Dutch people the nickname, cheesehead. Not unfair, since almost every dutch person grew up with a slice of cheese on a slice of bread.

beautiful at night - the Magere bridge, Amsterdam, Holland

De Magere Brug ('Skinny Bridge') Reflected in the Amstel River. Photo © Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions