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Release your hip pain
Anyone who sits a lot can benefit from this stretch. It’s especially helpful if you struggle with sciatic nerve issues or you have a tight lower back due to stuck SI joints. This technique helps the deep hip rotator muscles, including the piriformis and super gemellus, relax and stabilize to alleviate pressure on your spine and/or SI joint(s). FOLLOW TO RELAX YOUR BODY! #mobility #sciaticarelief #selfcare #stretching
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Pin by Evie Heard-u on EXCERIZE! AND DIET | Health and fitness articles, Easy yoga workouts, Yoga health
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Flexibility involves the range of motion of your joints. Stretching exercises, yoga, and Pilates
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4 yoga poses to combat sore knees - Canadian Running Magazine
Full body fat loss |without running|
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Achy and stiff? These 12 yoga poses are guaranteed to make you feel good
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