a wooden stool makeover, simple and adorable... kids footprints add the perfect touch. You could make this work with however many kids you had. With 1 child, you could do both footprints, with 2 kids you could do one of each, or a set of each, etc.

stepping stool with the kids footprints Okay. Should have done this years ago. I'm not sure Liam's foot will even fit on the stool now! Love the idea and it makes a great gift .

summer craft

B is for Bugs A bug theme completes are week of studying the letter B. We made some paper plate bugs. I got this kit to make all three bugs at the Dollar Tree. It was the perfect craft for our bug theme. ideas for pr

* Bloemen van cupcake papiertjes, in een schoenendoos! Natuurlijk ook leuk op een groot gekleurd papier rand van brede repen en je hebt een schilderij!

Kunstwerk van cup cake bakvormpjes, this is just here to see the picture to get an idea how to make cupcake flowers.


Yarn butterfly craft What you'll need: popsicle sticks yarn glue scissors pipe cleaners beads googly eyes, put magnet on back and use as fridge art