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Providional cast on. Knitting Набор петель косичкой

provisional cast on. Knitting tip i have been trying to find for ages makes a cable pattern easier to start without the weird squishy appearance at the beginning and allows you to unravel the yarn for a seamless sew up later on Набор петель косичкой

How to figure out the weight of your yarn - handy chart included.

Wraps per inch method. How to buy enough yarn using the Wraps Per Inch method. How to figure out the weight of your yarn, handy chart included.

Eyelet & Lace Stitches

Incredible Source of Knitting Patterns! Over 50 Eyelet & Lace Stitches. Whether you are a beginning lace knitter or a pro looking for a new challenge, you will be sure to find several knitted lace stitches that you will want to try.