Stoelendans met boeken, je leest het boek van de stoel waar je komt te zitten als de muziek stopt!

The link is actually about musical chairs reading. But another pinner said, "Musical chairs writing. When the music stops you pick up writing where the last person left off. Time intervals based on grade level.

(Groeps)Beloningsbord. Als de leerlingen iets goed doen ( al het werk af, stil, enz.) trek een nummer van 1/100 en kleur het getal in. Als er 10 op een rij ingekleurd zijn, komt de beloning. Bijv. Eindspel van de dag bedenken, extra tekenles, kopje thee met elkaar drinken enz.

Classroom Behavior Chart: A giant 100 chart & as the whole class does something really well one student pulls out a popsicle stick and colors the number found on the stick. Once ten numbers in a row are colored in, a party is earned.

Tafels tot en met 12

Times Tables Times Tables – Advanced Times Tables 2 – 1 Worksheet times table worksheet here Multiplication Multiplication – Basic Facts Multiplication – Cubes Multiplication – Horizontal Multiplication – Quiz Multiplication – Repea.

Place Value and a Freebie

Place Value Paint Samples. could make this larger to add places. Going to have to get the paint chips with more colors to make bigger numbers. Would be great help for my students who still struggle with place value.

Here's a set of three activities for use with a hundred board.

Hundred Chart Freebies

Math Coach's Corner: Hundred Chart Freebies. Hundred charts are phenomenal tools for building number sense! Grab this free jungle-themed hundred chart with a couple of free printables!

Leuke motorische oefening. Lamineer een papiertje met de rondjes erop en speel het spel twister met de vingers.

Board & Traditional Games finger twister set

Kinderen maken hun eigen woordzoeker

Grade Fantabulous: Wacky Wednesdays Lynn - I really like this word search idea! They have to build it and then they could put it in a friends folder for the, to solve!


School Tips for ADHD Kids: How to Make School Successful for ADHD Kids. Classroom DIY Each Folder is a month.