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Valkyrie headdress by Jolien-Rosanne on deviantART

Hope you had an amazing night and have a great new year! I had this incredible urge to make a Valkyrie feather headdress, so I did. It is made with turkey feathers scales.

FAIT à coiffe de plumes Faux d'ordre Ice Queen

MissGDesignsShop Hand-made Ice Queen headdress. With faux feathers and faux horns. Accented with a spike studded skull and silk flowers. Your custom piece

Who is afraid • Artwork • Studio Olafur Eliasson

Official website of Olafur Eliasson and his studio: Who is afraid

Mesmerizing Kaleidoscopic Glass Installations by Olafur Eliasson - My Modern Met

Installations by Olafur Eliasson “It is very much about movement and time, when walking around beneath the artwork, light sparkles through the cracks in the frames above, so that the viewer is.

Olafur Eliasson LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Love art installation light decor design travel living inspiration beautiful | Stories by Joseph Radhik

Light sculpture by Olafur Eliasson,creating reflections of the glass and the colors to create shapes on the wall! I love how it resembles a power source that is caged in by wires but spreads throughout the room