Octo 4240, Seppo Koho - Secto Design

Meta Description: With a shape reminiscent of the gilded onion domes of decades past, the Octo 4240 pendant, designed by Seppo Koho for Secto, emanates a lantern-like glow.

73 - Bocci

Canadian lighting brand Bocci has launched a light made by forcing molten glass into a loose heat-resistant fabric pillow.

Mono, Giovanna Colapristi - Karman

MONO Structure in white fiberglass + wire netting in rust iron.

Tripode G5, Santa & Cole - Santa & Cole

Tripode Floor Lamp - Designed in 1997 by Santa & Cole. Lamp cord hidden in one of the legs maintains the clean lines of this lamp.

Victo 4250, Seppo Koho - Secto Design

kammer machen: contemporary pendant lamp (wood) VICTO: 4250 by Seppo Koho SectoDesign Oy

Belle d'I, Hind Rabii / Luc Vincent - Hind Rabii

Belle d'I, Hind Rabii / Luc Vincent - Hind Rabii

Dornstab, J.T. Kalmar / Jonathan Browning - Kalmar

Delightfull Unique Lamps is all about mid-century modern lighting creations. A unique design for a vintage or contemporary home interior. Handmade floor, suspension, table and wall lamps.

Atto 5000, Seppo Koho - Secto Design

Atto 5000 pendant light designed by Seppo Koho at twentytwentyone

Puncto 4203, Seppo Koho - Secto Design

Contemporary pendant lamp (wood) PUNCTO: 4203 by Seppo Koho SectoDesign Oy

Ginger, Joan Gaspar - Marset

This extraordinarily lightweight light disk pays tribute to the drums of Ginger Baker of Cream, the rock band. Ginger Pendant Lamp by Marset The