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Even though this was designed as a Christmas decoration, with a little rework it could be used as a Halloween decoration. Just change the lanterns to Witch's Jars and paint everything darker colors. Or a wedding decoration

Christmas Bazaar Craft Ideas | Árbol de Navidad Eco | DECORACION DE INTERIORES

Paper cone trees is a great idea to create a Christmas tree. To make the cones you can use holiday wrapping paper or use patterned scrapbooking paper.

Ventanas de Navidad: ideas lowcost & #DIY | Decoración

Ventanas de Navidad: ideas low cost

Looking for some cool and awesome Christmas window decorating ideas? The most versatile piece of furniture in our homes is sometimes over looked: the window. Decorating the outside of our homes is a long lived tradition during the Christmas season


holiday holly wall by SNOW & GRAHAM - be merry christmas Holly mantel wall decoration template tutorial

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