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Disaster Preparedness

Get ready for any disaster: Natural, man-made or personal. This board explores all things for survival in an urban or wilderness environment as well as natural…
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Prepper Food List - Survival Prepper

Emergency food

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Source Hydropanels: Create Clean Water from Air – World Water Reserve
Experience the life of the #post-#apocalyptic tyrant, TJ Swenson. #books #mustread
Could a wild plant help you feel better or help treat allergies or alleviate pain? There may be a natural solution to a variety of maladies and this book, The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, may help you find it.


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Top 7 Amazing DIY Emergency Firelighters - Off-Grid
Generac iQ3500 Inverter Generator: A Real Review

Fire, light and power

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Fire Evacuation Plan - Family Fire Drill - Which items in your home you should save for your fire evacuation plan - Preppers Survive

Kits and Go-Bags

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Trust in society and government institutions is critical for a smoothly functioning country. You must explore the multiple viewpoints of American citizens of all walks of life to understand their perspectives. During the Hope on the Horizon story, Erika comes home to a celebration because the Supreme General has renewed trust in the government. However, that is not the case in the United States today. The question is, how do we get it back?
Psychological torture can be brutal on an individual's ability to cope with new situations. Not long ago, I argued that we are all psychologically tortured by unseen forces designed to keep the world divided and distrustful. In my novel, Hope on the Horizon, many characters face recovery from psychological torture and have a long road of healing in front of them. Today, we'll take a look at how we being to heal as individuals and a nation.
An accepted member of your group turns out to be untrustworthy; what you do will live with you forever. Today we welcome Dale Goodwin and Brian Duff, hosts of the Duff and Dale show, to explore the options you may face. In the Hope on the Horizon story, the characters make the same choice as they decide what to do with Anne.


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Yuri explains to Dexter about the great lengths he and Swenson went to tracking Dexter's family across the country, in The Endless Night adventure. With increased technological advances, urban tracking of an individual is becoming easier and easier. Today Chin and I explored ways of staying hidden. Could you survive on the run?
Episode 188 S5-25
Knowing how to read a compass is not only a cool orienteering skill, it can save your life in the wilderness! Survival on Purpose teaches you how to use a compass in this lesson.


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Homemade ink is so easy! Learn the Ink Making Process using Shaggy Mane Mushrooms
#Preserving and #growing your own food is the fastest way to #savemoney, and it will only save you more as the future progresses. With some easily navigated, you to can begin saving today. @survivorjane #preppertalk
With supply shortage concerns growing, it’s time to go back to basics. Books from the past can teach us lessons for the future. Today, we learn to make butter, bread, and yeast when supplies run short.

Nutrition, Gardening and Wild Foraging

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If you conceal carry and/or find yourself in a self-defense situation, do yourself a favor and be protected by US Law Shield. Today on The Changing Earth podcast, Dexter goes on a risky mission to recover loved ones. Then, Ken Hardy from US Law Shield joins us to discuss the benefits of becoming a member of this elite program.
Carrying a firearm in a public space is a huge responsibility that could leave you vulnerable to another individual taking that firearm from you. Today on the Changing Earth Podcast, we explore another adventure from the Hope on the Horizon adventure. Then, Ben Branam, host of Modern Self Protection Podcast and firearms instructor, joins Chin and me to discuss how to make sure you hold on to your rifle.
Traveling unnoticed through hostile territory can be a tricky proposition. Swenson finds that out as he attempts to navigate his way towards his captured comrades in the Hope on the Horizon adventure. Today Chin and I discuss gear you may consider carrying and tactics to deploy on this risky task.

Self Defense and Situational Awareness

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Item Type: Outerwear & CoatsOuterwear Type: JacketsGender: MenPattern Type: SolidCuff Style: ConventionalType: REGULARLining Material: COTTONBrand Name: s.archonHooded: YesModel Number: S-XXLSleeve Style: REGULARClothing Length: REGULARThickness: STANDARDDetachable Part: NoneDecoration: NoneCollar: Turn-down CollarMaterial: COTTONClosure Type: zipperStyle: CasualOuterwear Type: Waterproof Military JacketMaterial style: Soft Shell-Spandex+polyesterStyle: Military & TacticalGood for: SWAT, Army, T
In a survival situation, getting caught camping in the cold can be a life and death experience. Today, we explore tips to keep you safe in the cold. Plus, we catch up on Dexter's state of affairs in the novel The Bitter End.


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Would you know how to stitch a wound if an emergency required it? Knowing how to suture is an often overlooked skill, but this article gives you a step-by-step guide.
How to Get an Emergency Supply of Antibiotics - Preppers Survive
What would you do in a medical emergency without access to a hospital? One man, Dr. Joe Alton, aka Dr. Bones, has made answering this question his life’s passion. He and his wife, Nurse Amy, have made it their mission to put an emergency medical professional into every household. Today, Dr. Bones tells us where we can begin.

Survival Medicine and First Aid

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Tips and Tricks

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We've put together 39 of the BEST spearfishing tips you need to know before getting in the water. You'll shoot more fish guaranteed with this guide! via @castandspear
www.uberprepared.com - Look up loads of ideal survival gear, tools, techniques and guides to help you survive!
How to set a Tree Set trap for Squirrel - Conibear 110 - YouTube

Traps and Tracking

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There are numerous reasons for why all people should learn about proper water storage for both long term and emergency situations. Here are some fo the best containers you should check out.
With instances of individuals facing legal consequences for their rainwater harvesting endeavors in some states, the idea of rainwater harvesting being an illegal activity has quickly gained traction across the internet. But is it illegal to collect rainwater or have some of these stories been exaggerated?

Water Purification

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Survival Bow