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Great clock free template! Great for teaching counting in 5s first, then move on to time.


We covered time last week, so I just wanted to share what all we did because most of it I found for free. First made these flip clocks to help them count by 5s. Click here for the template. The next day we made a huge clock out of index cards and sentence strips. I had each kid show me a time on the clock and then I put a time on the clock for each kid to read. Wednesday we made a timeline of our day. I put the kids in groups and gave them a blank clock. We picked out 8 things that we do…

Freebie clock activities

Activities Like... {with a freebie too} - Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

At Blog Hoppin’ we are sharing our favorite activities. What activities do we just LOVE and want more of? You know what I am talking about…total student engagement. This year our Rise and Shine Binders have been keeping my mornings stress free. Students keep the binders in their desks. They write on and wipe […]

Doing this to celebrate my students' birthdays but having them colour the cupcake, write their birth date and glue the number of candles for the age they will be turning that school year


Panel muy completo para trabajar los días, los meses, el clima, etc, con los niños.

Oh Where, Oh Where, Has This Little Blog Gone...

Remember how I told you all that I don't have my own classroom because I teach half the day in one teacher's class and half the day in another teacher's class? Well... I have had to rethink some things and adapt a little. Because I teach math (calendar included) and I didn't have the wall space for my calendar materials, I had to improvise a little. A friend gave me one of those huge science project presentation boards (covered in clear contact paper) and here is what I came up with... I…

La classe de Laurène: Les mois de l'année

Les mois de l'année

Voici les affichettes pour les mois de l'année. Elles sont illustrées, mais dans la mesure du possible, j'ai évité les fêtes (sauf Noël, vraiment incontournable en maternelle). Les images proviennent de la banque d'images du grand monde préscolaire. J'ai joint au document les paroles de la comptine Janvier, Février de Jean-Marc et Anny Versini.