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a sign that says painted up like trash with a woman's face on it
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Wanda Woodward Cry-baby Art Print by gypsyfirecracker on Etsy
a woman with blonde hair wearing a white shirt and red lipstick is looking at the camera
"I am so tired of being good."
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Fashion and Film Friday: Cry Baby
Cry Baby... Old school Johnny Depp, how could you possibly go wrong?
love :P @Susie Ratchford جوني ديب, Desain Editorial, Septième Art
love :P @Susie Ratchford
a man and woman sitting in a car
girl with a top knot
Traci Lords and Johnny Depp
a woman with long blonde hair and red lipstick
Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward in Cry-Baby (1990) One of the best movies ever!!!! My grandma peggy searched a whole year to find this movie for me!!! :) Amazing Johnny Deep film!
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Traci Lords as Wanda in John Water's "Cry-Baby". One of the best films in existence.
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Johnny Depp, photographed by Greg Gorman, 1989.
a man sitting on top of a red motorcycle in front of a green bush with the caption cry baby
Johnny depp in his role cry baby this movie was the one I fell for him in I was like 7 or 8 and have been a fan ever since doesn't hurt he gets better looking with age lol
Traci Lords (as Wanda Woodward) from John Waters' Cry-Baby, 1990 #TraciLords #JohnWaters #CryBaby Amy Rose, Pin Up Style, Girl Crushes, Up Girl
Dreamlanders Photo: Traci Lords Cry Baby promos
Traci Lords (as Wanda Woodward) from John Waters' Cry-Baby, 1990 #TraciLords #JohnWaters #CryBaby
a young man wearing a black leather jacket
Johnny Depp compie 50 anni (FOTO)
Johnny Depp as Cry Baby. One of my absolute favorites! :)
a movie poster for the film cry baby
cry-baby (1990) | MovieWeb
Cry-Baby (1990) this movie is hilarious! Lol