Paper christmas ornaments

Paper christmas ornaments for early finishers. and then hang on a class Christmas tree on a bulletin board

Rekenidee om op een leuke manier te leren hoe je de oppervlakte uitrekent. Een spel voor 2 personen, om de beurt gooi je 2 dobbelstenen, hier maak je een ''kamertje'' van. Degene met de grootste kamers is de winnaar. Ook kun je hiermee heel goed leren hoe je de omtrek uitrekent.

Area Dice Game

Area and Perimeter game for 2 or 3 players. Each player chooses a color pencil they will use in the game. Players take turns rolling the dice, using the numbers that they rolled to draw the perimeter of a rectangle or square & writing the area in the midd

Everything you Need to Know About The Golden Ratio #infographic ~ Visualistan

Everything you Need to Know About The Golden Ratio #infographic

Quick Perimeter, Area, Surface Area, and Volume Formula Sheet!

Math is always a goid thing to know. Electrical Engineering Community's Tools - geometry reference sheet - many more on this site

Fibonacci spiral Artwork. Made with beautiful Pastel Colours, and on an amazing texture.

Fibonacci Spiral - Great quilt pattern idea for science or math (or structure!) oriented loved one. Can't wait to whip (ha) this up.

Ieder krijgt een kwart van een cirkel en kleurt deze in. Nadien worden de verschillende stukjes één werk. Iets voor een sovales?

Everyone gets a square with a quarter circle, this is the end result- could be a good ice breaker beginning of year activity. Each student decorates the square and includes their name. Nice way to decorate the bulletin boards in the beginning of the year!

Oppervlakte. Met tape op de grond echte vierkante meters laten meten. Super.

Area and perimeter using floor tiles and tape. Incorporates teamwork/cooperative learning and math for older grades. by janelle

käsi_netti. Beginning of the year 'together' project

Cool beginning of the year project. We've got the whole world in our hands. Big hand for . Many hands make light work .

Origami Modular Christmas Tree Folding Instructions |

Bialbero di Natale - Double Christmas tree, designed and folded by Francesco Guarnieri, November Diagrams: guarnieri-origami.