Dreamy, but make it fierce

A collection of my favorite dreamy but fierce fashion photography.
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two women with flowers on their heads are wearing sun glasses and head coverings that look like flower crowns
four women in white dresses are walking up a hill
a man with flowers on his back standing in front of some plants and trees,
a woman laying on the floor with flowers all around her
a woman standing in tall grass next to a red box with flowers on it's head
a woman in pink is holding flowers and posing for the camera with her legs crossed
Eden Fines on Instagram‎: "Happy Shavuot 🌸💖 I love you כתבת חג @mako.il _______________________...
a beautiful woman laying on top of a bed next to a red sheet with flowers
a man in a white shirt and earrings
a man is hanging upside down from the grass on top of his head and feet