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Legolas agreeing to braid some random girl's hair?  I can't imagine it.

Correction: "ask Bard to braid my hair" because he was the one who braided Legolas' hair in the Hobbit trilogy movies off set

Sad and cute at the same time. #Thranduil #Legolas #TheHobbit

Thranduil, Baby Legolas and the spirit of a wife and mother I named Êlúriel Nenluin in The Kingdom of the Woodland Realm Trilogy. (Fact: Killing Legolas' mother was PJ's thing. Tolkien never said she died--much less existed).

His eyes are begging: "Please, don't go... stay. You are everything I have..." and that is the saddest thing of the scene, wich is also sad. Even if Thranduil give him the idea of going after Aragorn, he didnt really wanted him to go. And when he said "Your mother loved you. More than anything. More than life" he actually meaned "I love you. More than anything. More than life". Thranduil can love. Thranduil still has a heart.

this dude right here needs to learn how to express his feelings when his son isnt turned around walking away.