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Gel plate printing
Get my gel plate supply sheet to learn all the tricks!
Seasonal Gel Printing With Stencils Step-By-Step Video Tutorial
Create 'ghost prints' with intent! When gel printing with stencils, use a thinner paper (like tissue paper or copy paper) to pull the initial print. This way, all of the detail of the stencil is preserved in both the first and the second-generation print! Materials available at 5"x7" Gelli Arts® Printing Plate Gelli Arts® 4" Rubber Brayer Gelli Arts® Hellebore Stencil Gelli Arts® Edelweiss Stencil Other: Acrylic paint Paper (200 gsm) Tissue paper Catalyst Mini Blade.
an older woman is painting in her studio
Leanne Daquino | Floral Abstract Artist on Instagram: "Got some flowers that are past their best? Use them to print something pretty on your Gelli plate! 🌸🌸🌸 The trick is to remember that whatever you put down first, will be the top layer of your print. . . . . . . . . #abstractfloral #gelliplate #gelliprinting #leannedaquinoart #commissionedart #affordableart"
Botanical Monoprinting Marsh Woundwort
Monoprinting Marsh Woundwort - Stachys palustris, also commonly known as hedgenettle. This will be a lovely addition to my print nature journal which will have to be bound in seasons I think. If you would like to have a go at this wonderful process, its a great activity for all ages there are some useful links on the website including links to materials and a little step by step guide.
a person is holding a flower in front of a painting on the ground with paint
a person is painting on an easel with watercolors
someone holding up a piece of paper with an image of a hole in it and text that reads geli printing with raffia
Roberta Hopkins on Instagram: "I’ve added another Introduction to printing with a Gelli plate workshop… on 2nd March in beautiful south east Cornwall… …it’s been fun filming some clips for you… there’s a link in my bio for more information or to book 👆🏻 . . #gelprintingworkshop #monoprintingwithoutapress #printingworkshop #gelliprinting #whattodoincornwall #lerryncornwall #redstorelerryn #creativeworkshop #keepcreating #artforyourmentalhealth"
HOW TO: Monoprint with Gelli plate
Grab anything from your garden and get printing! Tag me in your prints so I can see your progress!
the process of painting leaves on paper is shown in three different stages, including using scissors to cut them
Illustrated Ghosts by Amy Shawley Paquette
Layered prints on your Gelli plate
Create rich layered prints on your Gelli plate... 1. use your favorite techniques to build up layers 2. let each layer dry before adding more 3. turn your gelli plate over to see how things are going 4. when you are finished, add a last layer of paint, add paper, and let sit for a few minutes 5. pull the print!💥🎉🎨
Let’s see if it is possible to use same image 2 times for gel printing